Project name:

Corby Pelto – Merry Go Round

Project description:

The summer of 2010 has come and gone, but on September 1st one full length album remained.  Corby Pelto recorded his debut album “Merry-Go-Round” over the last 3 months here at Droptone and it’s out now. Corby is a new artist and is clearly devoted to his craft.  His songwriting skills are well developed and his musicality is not afraid to roam.  He’s never short of ideas and is quick with words.  I sincerely hope that this album is the beginning to many more. Corby brought his song ideas to me and let me run wild with them.  He had basic recordings of melodic ideas over a simple one-note progression with lyrics.  From the start I really liked Corby’s songwriting and it was a pleasure to work with him on his songs.  Corby was very open to my ideas and allowed for my all of creative input.  Together we mapped out the songs and developed scratch tracks to use as framework to begin recording.

 I started by hiring Jeremy Anderson as a session drummer.  He’s a fantastic drummer.  Always prepared and fun to work with, Jeremy got this album off to a great start.  Once drums were in place, I used the next several weeks to record rhythm guitar and bass parts, program piano and string sections, try out vocal harmonies, and experiment with overall song arrangements.  After those elements were done, we hired a few more musicians to add their touch.

Joe Savage contributed pedal steel to two tracks.  Check out “Minnesota Road” above and you’ll understand how incredibly talented Joe Savage is.  To hear more of Savage’s work, check out “I’ll Take You There” on iTunes.

After tracking Corby’s lead vocals and my background vocals, I had Dax Young provide extra harmony on “Avalon.”  Adam Teeter also contributed lead guitar to the song “I’m on Fire.”

This project had notable contribution from our studio intern, Nick Schmidt.  Nick was integral to the rhythm guitar tracking and also wrote and performed a bass line for “Avalon.”  He helped track drums, edit vocals, and aided with other miscellaneous tasks.

Corby is currently promoting and marketing “Merry-Go-Round.”  For more information about Corby and this project, you can visit his website.  If you’re still listening to the music up above, then I highly suggest purchasing a copy on iTunes, or picking up a hard copy on his website.