Project name:

Culture Cry – Phoenix

Project description:

Culture Cry was formed in the wake of local Minneapolis band Culture Cry Wolf‘s breakup. Rising out of the ash, “Phoenix” continues the sound Culture Cry Wolf established, but takes it even higher. With guest appearances from some of the Twin Cities finest MC’s, Phoenix showcases the best rock/latin/hip-hop/reggae/doo-wop music you’ll ever hear. Because it’s just that, an impossible blend of musical styles jammed into one EP. Producing this record was quite a challenge, and mixing it was even harder. The dense arrangements and thick percussive layers made for huge sessions. But I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. It took endless hours of dedication, but after the all-nighters and bottomless coffee/whiskey, we’re all proud of what we accomplished.
The band was amazing to work with and every guest feature was inspiring. Vision the Kid and St. Paul Slim brought a new life to each of their songs and Maria Isa perfectly delivered her authentic style to “Revolutionary Love.” Lead singer Mike Daly wisely chose to keep 3 songs for himself, stepping away from the Culture Cry Wolf format of rapper on verse, singer on chorus. Mike’s songwriting is exceptional, and it shows on this project. You can hear his punk roots in “Gutter Queen,” the summer-time reggae vibes in “Corina,” and the Beach Boys inspired doo-wop of “Anyway You Want Me.” I got the chance to flex an old muscle of mine – true 4-part harmonies in doo-wop style. Coming from an a cappella background, I helped Mike find the parts and phrasing he was looking for to complete his vision. In fact the whole project is a great example of my best vocal productions and Mike’s fantastic vocal abilities. This album is without a doubt worth the purchase. You can get yours on iTunes today.

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