Project name:

Culture Cry Wolf – Día de los Muertos

Project description:

Culture Cry Wolf came into Droptone in January 2011 to start production of their debut studio album, Día de los Muertos. Produced by both David Kellogg and myself (Stephen Helvig), this album has made an impact in both the hip/hop and punk rock scenes. Culture Cry Wolf is comprised of 6 members and about 16 genres. Their sound borrows from punk, hip/hop, reggae, ska, doo-wop, and cumbia among others. That’s what made this album especially enticing for David and I – it allowed us to collectively work in areas that we excel in. From hip/hop grooved drum-loops to big, guitar-heavy hooks, this album called for lots of different production and recording techniques and gives every listener something to appreciate.
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This album started like most – with the drums. The guys in CCW brought in pre-made scratch tracks that they could record to and we dug into getting drums. Each song was tailored for its individual needs. For some, we created live drum loops, for others, we kept great-feel takes and natural dynamics. We really enjoyed hearing some of the raucous tracks come alive when we added a room mic for depth about 20 feet away and 15 feet high. After drums we put down bass and guitars. We tracked each musician individually, carefully crafting the right tones and textures for the varying styles. Trumpet, auxiliary percussion, and vocals followed. We really warmed up the the piercing latin trumpet lines with our Beyerdynamic ribbon mic sent through our 6176. We put extra effort in experimenting with trumpet harmonies, vocal arrangements and harmonies, and tracking tons of extra percussion toys. CCW also invited Sims, a member of Doomtree, to lay a vocal on “Second Wind.” All these elements really helped bring definition and a unique identity to Día de los Muertos. Needless to say, we loved making this record and the band was inspiring to work with. The creativity brought forth throughout this project by the hard work of everyone involved deserves a listen. Once you’re convinced, head over to iTunes and buy your copy.

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Culture Cry Wolf is:
Mike Daly – Vocals/Guitar
Botzy – Emcee
Jaime Peláez – Auxiliary Percussion
Druby Soho – Bass
Frankie Blydenburgh – Drums
Kyle Borchert – Trumpet
Daniel De la Torre – Trumpet/Guitars (on the album)
Album Credits:
All songs performed and arranged by Culture Cry Wolf
All songs written by Mike Daly
All lyrics by Botzy and Mike Daly
Additional drums by Paul Mathis and Jaime Peláez
Sims on “Second Wind” appears courtesy of Doomtree
Produced by Stephen Helvig and David Kellogg
Mixed and Recorded by Stephen Helvig and David Kellogg at Droptone Studio, Excelsior, MN
Mastered by Greg Reierson at Rare Form Mastering, Minneapolis, MN
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