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Esera Tuaolo – Alone In The Trenches

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Feel like you recognize the name Esera Tuaolo?  That’s because Esera is a former NFL pro-bowler, playing in the 1998 Superbowl with the Atlanta Falcons.  He’s also an accomplished author. His autobiography, Alone In The Trenches: My Life As A Gay Man In The NFL, was released in the spring of 2006.

Several tracks on the album were co-wrote with David Kellogg (Droptone Studio owner). Take a moment and listen to a few of Esera’s tracks on our website media player.  Another exciting contribution was made by Henry Krieger, the Grammy award-winning composer for the cast album Dreamgirls.  Krieger and lyricist Bill Russell wrote the song “Oh God” for Esera’s album, a beautiful account of the inner-personal struggles and ideologically conflicting attitudes between homosexuality and Christianity.

You can learn more about Esera on his wikipedia page.

Esera’s album is currently available online.  You can find it on iTunes.

released 20 December 2008

Produced, Mixed, and Arranged by David Kellogg at Droptone Studio. Additional bass arrangements by Stephen Helvig on “Imagine” and strings on “Love Is More,” vocal arrangements by Esera Tuaolo on “Baby I’m Sorry,” “God Bless My Daddy,” and “Tali Maia,” and choral arrangement by James Grear on “Oh God.”
Recorded and Engineered by David Kellogg and Stephen Helvig at Droptone Studio, Excelsior, MN.
Executive Producers: John Bandack, David Kellogg, and Esera Tuaolo.