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Matt Dodge – Living Days

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Today marks the release of Matt Dodge’s 3rd full length album, “Living Days.” I’ve had the privilege to make music with Matt since 2008, stemming all the way back to some of my first solo recording sessions. Not only is Matt an incredibly creative, hard-working artist, he’s also become a dear friend and colleague. With this release, Matt showcases a stellar collection of tunes that range from the modern, dance-rock production of “Living Days,” to the sweeping movie-soundtrack-esque “With You,” to the raw, White-Stripes influenced, “I’m Still Here.” You can stream the album below and when you’re done, make sure you download a copy and support Matt!

This collection of songs stretches over 5 years, beginning with the acoustic ballads, “Routine Way,” “With You,” and “Bumble Bee Yourself.” The latter is a song about youth bullying and never giving up on what makes you happy. “With You” is an homage to Simon and Garfunkel. This album contains experimental, Jim Morrison inspired tracks such as “Words To A Song” and live, raw, rock tunes that capture the energy of Matt’s live show, such as “Modify Human” and “The Door.” It also contains recent collaborations like “Living Days” that showcase Matt’s development as an artist and songwriter and my track production abilities.
A number of musicians were involved in creating this album. Matt played acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and drums. I played some acoustic guitar, bass, and did all the programming. Ian Lew (The Bit) contributed his excellent guitar skills to many tracks. Nathaniel Lew, Alex Boese, and Jai Bowie all contributed bass arrangements on different songs. Amber Colvard, Debra Krein, Katie Doffing, and Kristen Thomas (Hot Southern Mess) provided beautiful back-up vocals as well. Making this album was fantastic. We did live sessions, we did track-by-track layering, and we did all-out, midi-programming. I had fun every session with Matt and I’ve been lucky to produce tracks for some of the session musicians that came in as well.
If you live in or around LA, don’t miss Matt’s show! He will be playing at the El Cid tonight. You can get all the event details on Facebook. You can stay up to date with Matt Dodge’s music and events with his app! Download it here: