Project name:

Mikel Wright & The Wrongs – We Get Down

Project description:

Droptone is pleased to announce the release of Mikel Wright & The Wrong’s first album, “We Get Down.” This was an incredibly fun project and we enjoyed the opportunity to work with some very talented local musicians. Since 2007, Mikel Wright has been building his fan-base with his progressive beach-funk sound. This album captured elements of their high-energy, danceable live shows, but also highlighted Mikel’s singer-songwriter abilities. From brass and guitar-driven “We Get Down” to the smooth, grooving ballad “Angel,” Mikel Wright & The Wrongs have impressive tunes that are sure to get you on the dance-floor and singing along.

“We Get Down” was recorded over the last several months. Each song began with drums, bass, keys, and the rhythm guitar all playing together. This allowed us to capture the “live” feel of the band, but ultimately keep ideal isolation for the best sound quality. Once we decided on the overall take with the best feel, we made any necessary punches/edits and started overdubbing guitars, keys, percussion and sax. Everyone did a great job adding different flavors to each track. Mikel and Chris Hunnicutt laid down their respective vocal tracks and that was the bulk of the recording process. It was easy and enjoyable to work with everyone involved with MW&TW. Take a moment to listen to the tracks and then head on over to to find out when their next show is. You won’t regret it.

Vocals: Mikel Wright and Chris Hunnicutt
Acoustic Guitar: Mikel Wright
Drums: Joe Diaz (Nathan Miller & Unstoppable Co. & Debra G Band and Pancho Lopez (Blue Print)
Bass: Chris Hunnicutt (PB & The Jam)
Keys: Trey Grimm
Electric Guitar: Aaron Peterson (Cymatic, WBPN, & Sovereign Sect) and Zach Mullan (Shoeless Revolution & Bigtree Bonsai)
Saxaphone: Ben Peterson (Shoeless Revolution & Bigtree Bonsai)
Aux Percussion: Teeto Miller (John Wayne and the Pain)
Additional Vocals: Deploi on “Vision”