Project name:

Morrison Boomer – Down The Hatch

Project description:

Morrison Boomer is an acoustic duo from Seattle.  They were in Minneapolis over the last few months and I had the privilege to record their first studio release, and their second album throughout July and August.  This album is mainly acoustic guitar, bass, and vocals.  We added strings, djembe, and piano to a few tracks as well.  We had a great time making this 13 track album.

We started by laying down the main acoustic guitar over a click track and then layered in bass lines.  Then we tracked the vocals.  Almost every song features both singers – one on lead and one on harmony.  Second guitar parts were added last along with string lines and a few djembe grooves.  We also worked out a piano part and a synth part for two other songs. I’ve put 4 tracks down below to check out.  Morrison Boomer is: Jeff Lillevold and Jacob Fuller
Learn more at their website.