Project name:

Mr. Lova – Foreplay

Project description:

Fighting for survival and chasing a dream in a cut throat industry such as the music industry is not a new struggle for KAY, who’s humble beginnings go back to surviving the war torn Somali. Kay managed to endure the horrific Civil war where at the point in time the only focus and dream was to stay alive.
Kay developed his own unique way of expressing the emerging relationship between his adolescent years and the unsympathetic environment he grew up in. Drawing solace and reassurance in the therapeutic words of Hip Hop royalty like the late Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G.
Kay tapped into his creative abilities, where through his rhymes, flows and original lyrics he has been able to capture the attention of crowds and develop a solid following. This of course is no surprise for a son hailing from Somali; a land known for producing poets, Kay believes he has a gift he wants to share with the world, after seeing Kay perform, there is no doubt that his mixes of melody, R&B with Hip-Hop and Soul cannot be ignored.
Kay takes whatever adversity that crossed his path and turned it in to poetry and music. Kay’s style is also what sets him aside from other emerging artists. Not to mention his ability to connect with his fans and put them on a roller coaster ride full of emotion. This young man is on his way to making the Hip Hop industry take notice.
One thing is for sure, whether struggling to stay alive or struggling to adjust to a new life, language and culture; music is what seems to drive this young talent.

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