Project name:

Samuel Crown – Dream My Way Up

Project description:

Samuel Crown has released a new E.P. “Dream My Way Up,” a collection of 5 songs recorded over the past year.  Ranging from electronic, synth-based dance tunes to bare-bones acoustic ballads, Samuel Crown covers a lot of territory.  

Toni Adedeji, whose stage name is Samuel Crown, got started recording at Droptone nearly a year ago. Toni plays piano and guitar and is featured on both instruments for this project. Toni is a strong musician and a great songwriter. I had a great time working with him. He brought a lot of great ideas to the studio and together we assembled an EP we both are very proud of.

We started by putting together the basic rhythm guitar track or piano track for each song. We then discussed the direction for each song and slowly pieced in missing elements. We were careful about every detail along the way: the key, the tempo, the right textures, the recording approach. Nothing went undiscussed to make sure every song got the full treatment.

For the drums, we hired Timothy Java to help us out. Tim is a fantastic session drummer and really added an amazing dynamic to these songs. While I did the original programming for all the drum songs, Tim was able to bring the songs to life and add a feel that only a professional drummer is capable of. Toni played piano and guitar in all songs and he invited his friend Joe Frappert for some lead guitar work on “Haunting Me” and “Above It All.”  Joe’s lead guitar skills are solid and it was a pleasure to have him add so much color and intensity to those songs.  I took care of the bass work and arranged and programmed the strings for “Fairy Tale.” Toni and I both contributed additional synth parts to “I Wish I Never Met You” and “Dream My Way Up.”  Toni also invited the talented Ariel Strasser to sing harmonies on a few of his songs. Ari has a beautiful voice that blended well with Toni’s. Make sure to listen to their duet on “Above It All.” I’d also like to mention my intern, Drew Schmalz who helped greatly towards the end of this project with both arrangements and mixes.

To check out more on Samuel Crown, visit his facebook here.

If you enjoy these tunes, be a true music fan and PURCHASE THE MUSIC ON iTUNES.