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The Sota Boys – Always Say Always

Project description:

The Sota Boys are a local pop/hip-hop group managed by Drew Schmalz. The group consists of members Brent Haglund, Jesse Johnson, and BJ Skoog, with occasional features from some of their friends. I had the privilege of producing their first full-length album, “Always Say Always”. This was their first project since their debut EP back in 2009, so the boys were excited to get to work. The goal of this album was variety. They wanted to stick to their signature sound of clean pop vocals mixed with energetic rap verses, but they also wanted to try some new twists on this project. The result was 13 catchy pop tracks that dip into several genres, including country (“Wanted”), dubstep (“Star Steppin'”), rock (“Spotlight”), dance (“Club Sota”) and more. They also tried to vary the subject matter, from love songs (“Synths I Met You”, “Heartbreaker”) to overcoming haters (“Phazers”) to just plain nonsense (“Do The Monster”). The Sota Boys try to give their all to their music without taking themselves too seriously, and Always Say Always does a good job of capturing this mindset. They had a blast in the studio during their sessions, and have since returned to follow up their album with an EP of original Christmas songs, “MistleFlow”, to be released 12/1/11. They plan to keep writing new music while promoting themselves more and more locally, and hope to continue working with Droptone on future projects. Check out a few of their videos below and make sure to head over to iTunes and pick up your copy today.

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