Project name:

The Dayshapes – Monster Clouds

Project description:

Several months ago I started working on a project with singer songwriter Keaton Kronberg. Before we got too far on his solo project, he ended up adding a full band to the mix and we switched gears. We both decided it would be best to let the band work on the songs for the next 4-8 weeks and then hit the studio together to record two of the sketches we had previously laid out and two new ones.

In August, Keaton brought over his new band “The Dayshapes.”  We scheduled 4 days in the studio and knocked out some brilliant material.  The new musicians really added some great texture and dynamic to Keaton’s work.  Day 1 concentrated on tracking and editing all four drum tracks.  Day 2 we tracked and edited all guitar lines.  Day 3 was vocals, organ, and melodica.  Day 4 was bass, tambourine, and shakers.  I then worked on the final touches and did final mixes.

“Monster Clouds”  will be coming out soon and I highly recommend picking one up if you’re into the likes of Steve Tannen, Mason Jennings, Bright Eyes, or Romantica.

The members are:  Keaton – guitar and vocals, Joey – lead guitar and mandolin, Anna – vocals, Danny – drums, and Alex – organs, keys, and melodica.

Our studio bassist, Jai Bowie, helped polish this release by writing and recording the bass.

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