Maria Isa

Maria had very kind words to share with David Campbell, host of the local show on 89.3 The Current.  

Jeff Lillevold

Droptone Studio is incredible. Such a comfortable place to record. So laid back while being so professional. I would recommend this studio to anyone interested in any aspect of recording. Stephen Helvig can make nails on a chalkboard sound like a choir of angels.

Merritt Rethlake

Combining creativity and extensive skill, Droptone provides the perfect atmosphere for any artist. The studio made me feel comfortable and at home, but I never lost site of its professionalism. Stephen Helvig is incredibly dedicated to his work. This is visible not only in the final product, but in the entire recording process. Recording at Droptone was fun, insightful, and I couldn’t imagine working with anyone/anywhere else!

Snoti Jappah

My experience at Droptone studio has been nothing short of rewarding. As an artist, it is important to know that the producer you work with understands your vision and has your best interest at heart. My sessions with Stephen Helvig at Droptone Studio have contributed to my growth as an artist vocally and lyrically. Really glad I found him during my studio search. I’ll recommend Stephen to any artist looking for that high quality, radio play sound.

Matt Dodge

Stephen Helvig has been with me since the first time I let myself leave all fears behind and venture into the world of imagination and positive change. I have always felt comfortable in a working environment with Stephen, but beyond comfortability comes constructive friendship. This bond is the ability to know and understand that any criticism is only because of honest artistic trust and faith. I will stand behind the fact that Stephen would believe in anyone if they spend the time to get to where he is. I have great respect for Stephen and hope the energy between us will never cease.

Leslie Rich

Working at Droptone was the right choice for us as both Stephen and David made themselves invested in our album project as much as we were. They became part of our family, celebrating our wins, commiserating in our challenges, guiding us when we needed it and stepping aside when we didn’t. The album’s success is in equal parts everyone that put themselves into it. The room is a comfortable and relaxing place to work and sounds amazing – our acoustic instruments sounded alive in that space. We learned a lot in those sessions and will carry that over into our future projects.

D. Christmas

Stephen is the man. Period. Droptone itself is a beautiful place and has all of the tools you need and then some, but more important, STEPHEN IS THE MAN. I came from out-of-town not knowing anyone on the music side and had no idea where to record the material I had been sitting on. Because I do rap/hiphop, I would get the suggestions from people who knew a guy with Protools on his laptop in the basement. Luckily for me, through some weird aligning of the stars, I ended up with an email address to Stephen and not only did he email me back promptly, he offered me a chance to visit and check the place out before any talks of payments started. Once I arrived, I knew something special would come from the sessions…I admit I was a little nervous at first because of my style and genre of music but Stephen’s versatility with sound and music wiped out any of the initial worry I had. Long story short, the sessions were always dope, usually starting with some thought provoking convo before the time even started. I like to think that helped my delivery on the mic…getting the best […]

Todd Ortberg

Really glad I completed my third CD with Stephen Helvig! Stephen told me up front “my specialty is vocals, I’m a vocal guy”…and he was not kidding! I could not believe the vocals I was able to get on my CD, and he has a very deliberate way of comfortably but diligently getting the right performance out of you, and then making it happen. This is not say that is the only strength, in fact, my project was difficult. I showed up with tracks from three different studios and three different engineer/producers that needed to be brought together into a cohesive record that sounded like a Steely Dan record. Not a simple task, but Stephen was able to listen to what I wanted, then listen to what I played, get me to do something more….and then he was amenable and responsive to the many changes I wanted, as I am not terribly easy to please on this stuff, but I know what I need, and sometimes that means searching. Stephen is also quick and adept at the tools involved, so I always felt like I was getting my money’s worth. The result is what I feel is my best record […]

Ariel Strasser

I couldn’t have been happier with my experience at Droptone. The studio is both beautiful and comfortable to work in. Not only that, the expertise is unbelievable. Stephen Helvig is truly an artist and collaborator – qualities that are unusual and essential in a recording engineer.

Toni Adedeji

First of all I want to say that my experience at Droptone Studio was nothing short of great! I had the joy of working with producer Stephen Helvig on my first and latest EP. Stephen graduated with a vocal degree and definitely knows his stuff. During the recording process he helped with melodies and harmonies and all of his suggestions were extremely helpful. He is also very nice and inviting to every musician that comes in. I brought in a friend to help on a track and she ended up recording her CD their because she felt so comfortable. The environment is very comfortable as well. You always feel like you should be there. There are couches and chairs to relax on or you can sit right next to the producer during the editing process (as long as you don’t try to take over☺) Overall, I would recommend this place to every musician looking to record.